SPGC Board of Directors
Salt Pond Golf Course Operations, Inc. Board of Directors
Updated 4/1/21
Every spring, new members of the Salt Pond Golf Course (SPGC) Board of Directors are appointed by the Salt Pond Homeowners Association for a 3-year term. The major requirements are that each Director must have a Delaware liquor servers license, a criminal background check, and a driving record check by the DMV. Board Members should have experience operating a business or organization. Knowledge of the golf business is preferable.
The current slate of members follows (end of term in parentheses):
  • President - Dave Narsavage (2021)
  • Vice President - Jeff Rupprecht (2022)
  • Treasurer - Paul Sicari (2021)
  • Secretary - Phil Hamilton (2022)
  • Member - Leslie Gaske (2023)
Art Whaley's email address is spproshop1@gmail.com