Committee Descriptions
Updated 1/26/2021
2021-2022 COMMITTEES: See Homeowners>Management/Board/Committees
Our committee structure, committee responsibilities, and committee descriptions are under review and may be revised .
Architectural Committee (ARC) – The ARC is responsible for ensuring all original construction, modifications, and outside renovations meet Salt Pond Covenants and Architectural Standards and Design Guidelines. Plans for new homes and exterior home improvements including some landscaping and lot/tree clearing must be approved by the ARC before work can begin.
Communications - The Communication Committee directs communications to homeowners by managing the Salt Pond website and sending email notices as needed. The website provides current information, such as upcoming activities, Board Minutes, financial information, etc. This Committee also publishes a newsletter. 
Facilities/Engineering - The Engineering Committee is responsible for keeping our physical infrastructure up-to-date and refurbishing or replacing aging systems and facilities in a systematic manner.  The Committee monitors the facilities and schedules repairs and upgrades based on need and cost. The Committee also provides the expertise for physical infrastructure-related contracts.
Finance/Insurance - The Finance Committee assists the Treasurer in developing the annual budget and monitoring expenses to ensure that the Association stays within its budget. Every year the Treasurer, with the assistance of the Finance Committee, completes a twenty (20) year reserve study, which serves as a long-term planning document. For both these functions, the Treasurer, with the assistance of the Finance Committee, coordinates with other committees and Board members who provide the specialized expertise for their respective areas of responsibilities. The Finance Committee assists the Treasurer in establishing financial policies and procedures for the Finance Manager and accounting functions to ensure adherence to good accounting practices. The Finance Committee also assists in the review of the assets and liabilities of the Association.
The Insurance Committee is responsible for ensuring the quality and cost-effectiveness of insurance on the HOA and Golf Course. The Committee reviews the coverage and costs each year through its broker.
Golf Course - The Golf Course Committee has its own Board of Directors who report to the Salt Pond Board.  The Golf Course Committee is responsible for the supervision of the golf course, including maintenance of the course, club membership and sales, the Pro Shop, and Birdie’s Snack Bar. The Golf Course has its own budget and its revenue and expenses are monitored by the Salt Pond Board as well.
Landscaping - The Landscape Committee manages the landscaping in the common areas of our community which includes negotiating the contract for maintaining the numerous medians, common areas, trimming, mowing, and irrigation system within the community. They also select the flowers and plants for the medians, entrances, clubhouse and pro shop areas. 
Legal - The Legal Committee is responsible for providing guidance to the Board on issues involving legal matters such as homeowner payment delinquencies and interpretation of bylaws and covenants. The Committee supports the Board in matters that may impact the Salt Pond community but are not part of the community such as proposed changes in property zoning or traffic issues. The Committee determines when the use of outside counsel is appropriate and serves as liaison with counsel to ensure that any such work is done properly and charged appropriately.
Ponds & Wetlands - This Committee serves as the community’s expert relating to the ponds and wetlands and is responsible for ensuring the health of our ponds and wetlands and that the community meets all environmental standards that govern the ponds and wetlands. The Committee also plans and leads a number of initiatives related to ponds and wetlands including Earth Day cleanups.
Recreation - The Recreation Committee is responsible to maintain the quality of our recreational facilities (indoor and outdoor pools, the spa, the fitness center, the tennis, pickleball courts, shuffleboard, basketball and volleyball courts, kayak storage, playground, etc.). The Committee negotiates and administers contracts related to our facilities, and handles many other responsibilities.  It also drafts rules and regulations for the facilities for consideration and approval by the Board.   
Roads, Traffic, Safety, and Security - This Committee is responsible for maintaining Salt Pond as a safe and secure community. The Committee monitors the condition of our roads, traffic speed and flow, and the security of Salt Pond common areas. Incidents are reviewed by the Committee so that appropriate responses can be developed and implemented. The Committee also works with area law enforcement and fire departments to ensure the community and its residents and visitors are safe during their time here.
Social - This Committee is responsible for planning social activities and events for the community.