Suggestion Box Answers
We've heard your suggestions and will try to answer your concerns. Please check here for some of the answers to your questions and please, keep them coming.
Lamp Posts 7/24/2018
Chris Shernit suggested that the ARC committee change the policy on lamp posts to allow the homeowners to select what they liked for the lamp post in their front yard.  The current policy allows very few choices.  She would like the homeowner to be able to select something else.   She suggested that it would still require an approval from ARC and that this process could cost the homeowner a fee of $25.00.
The lamp post change was discussed at our most recent ARC meeting. This has been discussed a year or so ago, and that is when we added an additional option to install. We all feel that the original guidelines dictated a specific lamp post for the entire community. That has been enforced since the inspection, and we voted to keep this requirement since a majority of the lots have homes constructed. Some people have been recently made to change their light since they were not in compliance. In addition, many of our homes are more than 20 years old, and the exterior fixtures installed on them are not manufactured anymore. It looks like too many negatives to proceed with this type of change at this point in the community development. Thank you for your suggestion.    Donna Villani


 Ladies Room Renovation
Tile in Bathroom looks beautiful. Nice job but slippery when wet. Can you bring back to rubber overlays for safety? Eileen McCreight
Mats have been purchased for the Ladies Locker Room. 
Window Treatments for Fitness Center
I have received your suggestion for window treatments for the fitness center and as many of you know from our discussions this would is something that we should consider.  Currently, we are working on several options and depending on the cost it will be considered.  Please know that we try to improve the fitness center and this is something that needs to be addressed. 
Yellow Lines Repainted on McCoy's Way
This suggestion, a good one, has already been addressed and is in the 2018 Traffic and Safety budget. This action item will be completed in the spring of 2018.
Fire Pit
The Salt Pond Recreation Committee met on Tuesday, June 13, 2017. One of the items discussed was the proposal to the Salt Pond HOA Board submitted in the suggestion box dated May 30, 2017. 
The letter was sent by 10 homeowners about the use of the area outside the clubhouse for socials for their group and the possible addition of a fire pit with seating as an additional amenity to the clubhouse facilities. 
As always, we encourage homeowners who have a group to use the facilities. Lisa, our Community Manager, maintains the schedule for usage of the facility and can work with the group regarding scheduling. 
The committee discussed the fire pit and seating suggestion. The committee is not recommending adding this to our facilities. It was agreed that a fire pit is better suited for homeowners that might want to add this to their own property. Safety was one of the concerns since our patio is so close to our clubhouse building. We also do not have any monies budgeted for such an item. 
Salt Pond Single Family Home Setbacks
All improvements to property in Sussex County, Delaware must conform to the Zoning Code with respect to their intended use, building setback requirements, floor area, and building height. These requirements vary by zoning district. The zoning for Salt Pond is MR-RPC.
Current Setbacks:
Sheds, air handling units, etc shall not be located or designed to create a visual nuisance for neighbors. Noise producing equipment (e.g. air handling units, generators, etc.) shall also be located away from neighboring houses or shielded whenever possible to prevent objectionable noises to the neighbors. No structure, including outside showers or equipment, fireplaces, chimneys, steps or bow windows shall be erected or placed within the areas designated as building setbacks.
If the property is in a flood zone or includes a 404 wetland or conservation easement, then carefully review all restrictions.
Create Dock for fishing and crabbing to the left of the Kayak racks.
The area in question is a tidally influenced portion of the larger Salt Pond and as such would require a permit from the Corps of Engineers and DENREC. Additionally, this area is a portion of the surveyed Wetlands Mitigation areas.  The cost of hiring someone to design the structure, develop and submit the applications, prepare and send the public notice, appear at possible public hearings and then build the structure far outweigh the potential benefits.
Finally, due to the location, we would need to anticipate rebuilding it after every Nor’easter. Just my thoughts.
Soda Machine near Outdoor Pool
The two machines located outside the outdoor pool will be closely monitored this season however, we will request that they be completely checked before the season starts and if there is a regular problem they will be replaced.
Blinds for the Clubhouse A suggestion was received from Linda Pike regarding the possibility of ordering blinds for the Club House Community Center in the area where the 5 tables are located.  Marilyn Adams called and left a message with Linda notifying her that the blinds are on order and will be installed sometime after the first of the year. 
10 Foot Setbacks 412 Canal Way West -  Another suggestion without a name has been received about the 10-foot setbacks.  The board is working with the HO to correct the situation about the 10 foot set back for the outdoor shower.
Painting of Speed Limit Signs.  A local company will be applying striping and signage on portions of our roads to reduce speeding.  The project includes additional speed limit signs.  The committee will address if it is feasible to paint the speed limits on the roads. A decision will be made depending on cost and whether it is a good idea.
Painting of the signs in Salt Pond. Painting is currently being done by our Maintenance Worker and should be completed this fall.  Some signs will need to be replaced and a list of those will be turned over to the appropriate committee for a replacement. Wanda Beachboard
Tennis Court is missing a strap on Court Number 1. The strap has been ordered and is on back order. Joyce Tankersley
Outdoor Pool – Stop yelling at the kids.  The lifeguard has a responsibility to enforce all rules e.g., not to run and this is for the safety of the children so that they do not fall on the concrete and hurt themselves.
Street Signs need to be replaced or painted.  Action -  Currently the signs are being painted by our Maintenance Employee.  A separate list of those that need to be replaced will be turned over to Board Liaison so that replacement can be done. 
Geese Problems -  A plan has been in place for some time to get rid of the geese in the community, however, this year we were unable to locate the nests.  A plan for 2017 for early next year to try to locate the eggs and ultimately have a group come in to gather them up and relocate.
Art Work is needed -  Artwork has been purchased and is hanging in the Club House.  All art is from our Salt Pond Artists – Dick O’Leary, Laura Hickman, and Cheryl Wisbrock.
Window Washing needed Indoor Pool -  A contractor will be coming in to wash all windows at the Indoor Pool on August 22.
Drains Indoor Pool -  This has been brought to the attention of Best Aquatic to take care of the drains prior to opening in September.
Median Strips – Weed and Feed.  The median at the entrance on Bethany Loop was redone this spring since there is a sprinkler system.  Currently, the Landscape Committee is trying to address the other medians however, it is a major problem since we do not have a sprinkler system in these areas. 
Cell Phone Usage in Fitness Center -  A Sign has been posted for all using the Fitness Center that cell phones should not be used in this area.
Deer Hunt -  Currently there will be a deer hunt scheduled for this fall. 
Shades Club House -  Shades were purchased as suggested so that their glare can be eliminated when the TV is in use as well as to protect the furnishings. 
Music at the Outdoor Pool – The Rec Committee discussed and felt that this suggestion would not work since so many people can use their personal equipment to enjoy the type of music they wish to hear and not disturb others.
Slow Down McCoy’s Way -  The Safety Liaison is currently exploring ways to make this a safer area. 
Horse Shoe Game -  The Rec Committee discussed the possibility of installing, however, because of safety reasons it was felt that it would not be advisable to set one in place.
Playground Equipment Splinters -  This will be corrected as the new equipment will be installed by the end of August.
Pole Lights -  This has been turned over to the ARC Committee.  Currently, there are 3 approved choices to choose from and that information is available on the Web Site or you may contact the Community Manager’s Office.