Updated 12/15/20
SALT POND HOMEOWNER CONTACT INFORMATION:  We require all Salt Pond homeowners to complete this form.  Nearly all of our communications are sent via email. If you opt out of email notifications you will miss all helpful information, news and activities.  If your contact information changes, you must use this form to submit your new information.  If you fail to keep your contact information current, you will not be informed of information you need to know about The Salt Pond.
Homeowner Directory:  We periodically publish a Homeowner Directory, and we request your permission to include your contact information in the Directory.  This information is helpful for all residents to have, but it’s especially important if one of your neighbors needs to reach you in an emergency.  ONLY Salt Pond Homeowners will be given access to the Directory.  
If you have questions, contact our Property Manager at or 302-539-1283.
Homeowner Contact Information
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