Updated 11/17/20
Rules & Regulations for Recreation Facilities: See Governance > Rules & Regulations > Rules for Use of Facilities and Amenities by Homeowners, Family, Guests, and Renters for rules pertaining to the following Recreation Facilities:
  • Indoor Pool & Spa (Hot Tub)
  • Outdoor Pool & Wading Pool
  • Fitness Center
  • Shuffleboard Equipment
  • Tennis & Pickleball Courts
Recreation Facilities Hours: See What's Happening>Recreation Facilities Hours
Key Fob & Amenity Access Card System to Access Salt Pond Recreational Facilities:  In October 2020, The Salt Pond Board of Directors approved the use of an electronic system for homeowners, guests, and renters to use our recreational facilities.  Beginning in November/December 2020, homeowners will be assigned electronic key fobs for their use only.  Homeowners will also be assigned a certain number of Amenity Access Cards for use by guests and renters; however, renters may also purchase Amenity Access Cards.  At the same time, we will implement an online reservation system for the use of most amenities.  Users may access an amenity only during the time period reserved via the  online reservation system and must leave when their reserved time period expires.  We anticipate that the reservation system will be in place at least until the State of Delaware and the CDC withdraw their COVID-19 guidelines.  For more information, check the rules which are under Governance > Rules & Regulations > Rules For Use Of Facilities And Amenities  By Homeowners, Family, Guests, And Renters.  The first step is to complete the below “Key Fob and Amenity Access Card Agreement.” 
Key Fob and Amenity Access Card Agreement:  All homeowners must sign the below Agreement to receive a key fob, even those who already have a fob.  Please print the 2-page Agreement, and attach a passport-style photo or a photo of your driver’s license.  If you currently have a fob, you don’t need to submit a photo because you already did that.  Submit your signed Agreement & photo to Salt Pond Management by mailing it to Salt Pond Management Office, 400 Bethany Loop, Bethany Beach, DE 19930; or dropping it in the locked box located in the mailroom. 
Key Fob and Amenity Access Card Agreement (Board approved 10/21/20)

Salt Pond Photo Identification Cards
Owners are required to show Salt Pond Photo IDs to gain entry to Salt Pond recreational facilities. A Salt Pond Photo ID will be issued to owners, spouses, and dependent children 16 years and older. Dependent children are those residing at home or attending school and declared on your income tax. If you do not have a Salt Pond Photo ID, avoid any inconvenience by getting one before you need it! Applications are below.
SALT POND PHOTO ID: These cards are GREEN. To apply for a Salt Pond Photo ID, complete the below application and submit it to the Property Manager, along with a passport-quality photo (one per person). A photo of your driver's license is not acceptable.
New ID Application Form
DEPENDENT ID RENEWAL: These cards are ORANGE. Dependent children ID cards are valid for 2 years. To renew, print a copy from the link below. Complete & sign the form, attach the expired Dependent ID, and submit to the Property Manager. Expired cards will not be honored at the end of May of each year.
Dependent Renewal ID Form
NON-OWNER PHOTO IDENTIFICATION CARD: Print an application from the link below. Complete the form, attach required documentation, and submit to the Property Manager.
Non Owner Photo ID Application
Community Center / Clubhouse
All homeowners are welcome to use this facility provided it has not been rented for a function or reserved for a meeting or activity. There are beverages available for purchase in the Golf Shop so come and watch a movie, read a book, or enjoy time with other homeowners.
Community Center / Clubhouse Rental:‚Äč The SPHA rents the Community Center or Clubhouse space to Salt Pond homeowners, as well as to others outside the Salt Pond. In addition, if you are involved with a club or organization that is looking for a regular meeting space, we can make special arrangements for such situations.  For Clubhouse availability and reservations, contact the Property Manager at 302-539-1283 or sphamgmt@sphamembers.org. For more information, see  Governance> Community Center / Clubhouse Rental.

Fitness Center
See What's Happening>Recreation Facilities Hours  for schedule.  For Fitness Center rules, go to Governance>Rules & Regulations.

Rental space for up to 60 crafts is available at the kayak launch next to the cul-de-sac on Canal Way East.  These slots are leased for a 2-year period, beginning on odd-numbered years.  The next rental term is scheduled for the 2021-2022 term.  Only Salt Pond homeowners in good standing with the Salt Pond HOA are eligible for a space.  Each household is limited to one slot, and the slots will be allocated on a first-come basis.  To apply for a kayak/canoe rack space, please submit the below application AFTER an announcement is made that applications are being accepted for the 2021-2022 rental term.  For more information, contact our Property Manager at 302-539-1283 or sphamgmt@sphamembers.org

Indoor & Outdoor Pools & Spa: See What's Happening>Recreation Facilities Hours  for schedule. For pool and spa rules, go to Governance>Rules & Regulations.