Financial Information
SPHA Annual Dues for 2019
The annual general assessment for 2019 is the same as it has been since 2011: $1,350 for homeowners and $675 for owners of undeveloped lots. This is the seventh year without an increase in the general assessment. There is also no change in the SPHA fee for 2019 for the regular, recycling and yard waste trash services provided by the SPHA. For houses, the trash fee is $183 a year for a total assessment of $1,533. For owners of undeveloped lots, the trash fee is $7 for a total assessment of $682. For Villages, the SPHA assessment depends on the whether the SPHA or the Village provides trash services. For SPHA provided trash services, which is only provided to Skipjack, the trash fee will be included in the annual assessment at $120. The four villages not using the base SPHA trash service, there is a nominal $2 community trash fee and regular trash services will be invoiced by their separate homeowner management companies. SPHA assessments payments are due by January 31, 2019. Any payments after that date will be charged a penalty and interest.
Mowing Fee for 2019
The fee in 2019 is the same as it has been since 2015 - $297 for the year. Undeveloped lots, excluding heavily-wooded lots, are required to be mowed. Heavily-wooded lots are required to be mowed in the front. Owners may use the SPHA mowing service or make their own arrangements. Owners who have used the SPHA mowing service in the past will have the fee added to their bill for annual dues. If owners prefer to arrange for mowing themselves and do not want to continue this mowing service in 2019, please notify the SPHA Community Manager at 302-539-1283 as soon as possible.
SPHA Investment Policy
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