Financial Information
Updated 2/22/2022   
SPHA Annual Dues for 2022
2022 Assessment bills were mailed out at the end of November 2021.  Information regarding the amount of the 2022 assessments is listed in TownSq under "Documents" in the "Financial Reports" folder.  
*Vacant Lot Mowing
As a convenience to Owners, the SPHA arranges for mowing of vacant lots through the provider that mows the common areas.  Vacant lot owners may use the SPHA mowing service or make their own arrangements. The mowing assessment is added to all vacant lot owners’ annual assessments automatically.  Should the owner prefer to make his/her own arrangements, he/she may deduct the mowing assessment from their bill.
For additional financial information, login to Townsq and search for "Financial Documents" in the Documents section.