Updated 01/28/2023
  • Recyclopedia:  In 2021, Delaware introduced a new online tool called RECYCLOPEDIA to take the guesswork out of recycling.  Simply type the item in the search box and enter your Zip Code.  Recyclopedia will tell you whether the item can go out with the trash, in your curbside recycling, to a drop-off facility, to a charity, or if it needs special attention.  For example, search for "milk jugs" and learn they are acceptable to put in a curbside recycling bin.  The program also informs the user to keep the cap on the jug.  A search for "coffee cups"  shows they are not acceptable to put in curbside recycling.  Batteries are not acceptable either.  Instead, batteries should be taken to a Delaware solid Waste Authority Household Hazardous Waste collection event.  Users can find out where those solutions are available depending on their Zip Code.  Check it out:  Recyclopedia & Delaware Recycling
  • NO Plastic Bags:  In 2021, Delaware banned plastic carryout bags to help reduce beach and roadside litter.  All plastic bags, including the new thicker, reusable bags, are recyclable only at At-Store Recycling drop-off locations (such as grocery stores).  Plastic bags should NOT go in curbside recycling bins.  More information:  Plastic Bags in Delaware​
  • Facebook:  Finally, it's also helpful to Like or Follow "Delaware Recycles" on Facebook -- they post helpful information on a regular basis. 
BULK TRASH:  If you have large trash items that do not fit in our bins (such as couches, mattresses, etc.) call our trash contractor, GFL Environmental, Inc., at 302-934-1364 and arrange for a special pickup for a fee.  You will need to speak with either Kristin or Amber and mention that you are an owner in Salt Pond.        

TRASH & RECYCLING ENCLOSURES IN SALT POND VILLAGES:  The trash and recycling enclosures that are found within the 5 Village communities in The Salt Pond are for use by the respective Village residents ONLY.  They may not be used by owners of Salt Pond single family homes, their guests, or renters. Village residents maintain these enclosures and pay for the emptying of these dumpsters based on a schedule that fits the needs of the Village residents; they cannot accommodate any extra dumping without fiscal consequence.  If you don’t live in Mainsail, Schooner, Skipjack, Spinnaker, or Topsail, please do not use the dumpsters in these Villages.