Updated: 5/12/2022
Email Blasts (or Eblasts):  Sent to all homeowners whenever appropriate.  It is critical that all homeowners provide their email address(es) because most community news and information is disseminated via email.
Flyers:  Flyers about upcoming events and important information are frequently sent to homeowners by email.  The flyers are sometimes also posted on the Clubhouse bulletin board.
Newsletters:  As of late 2020, Salt Pond newsletters are no longer published.  For the latest Salt Pond news, please see TownSq.
Board Meetings – Monthly:  Our HOA Board of Directors conducts approximately ten monthly meetings each year to which homeowners are invited.  The meeting schedule is posted on the website, and meeting agendas are emailed to all homeowners in advance.  The monthly meeting minutes are approved by the Board during the following meeting, and are then posted on the website. 
Annual Meetings:  Each June, we conduct our annual meeting.  Committee Chairpersons report on the status of their committee projects and issues, and homeowners discuss items of common interest.  Prior to the meeting, all homeowners who are interested in running for the Board are asked to prepare a profile describing their experience, concerns, and expectations for the future of The Salt Pond.  These profiles are posted on the website.  Prior to the annual meetings, homeowners may cast ballots for new Board members.  During the annual meeting, new Board members are announced.   The annual meeting minutes are posted on the website.
Letters, Emails, Phone Calls, and Meetings:  Our Property Manager, Board members, and Committee members may communicate with individual homeowners via letters, emails, phone calls, and meetings, as appropriate.
Annual Assessments:  Invoices for Annual Assessments are sent to homeowners via postal mail.  The invoices are mailed by December 1, with payment due by January 31.
Contact Our Property Manager:  Homeowners may speak directly with our Property Manager during office hours by visiting the office, calling, or emailing.  Most calls, emails, and inquiries via the website are responded to within 48 hours. 
              Property Manager
              Salt Pond Homeowners Association
              400 Bethany Loop
              Bethany Beach, DE  19930
              (302) 539-1283
              (302) 539-7248  fax
TownSq:  Our Property Management Company, Legum & Norman, provides us the Association with an online communication tool call TownSquare.  This tool allows owners to communicate with management and the board as well as stay up to date on Salt Pond news and events.  You can register and login at  You will need a Legum & Norman issued account number.  Please contact the Management office if you have not received yours. 
Social Media – Facebook & NextDoor:  Residents have asked for a way Salt Pond homeowners can communicate among ourselves.  We have two options – Facebook & the NextDoor app.  Both are private groups created for Salt Pond homeowners ONLY.  Click here for more information. Social Media & The Salt Pond
Homeowner Directory:  Homeowners have the ability to add their contact information to our Resident directory on TownSq.  How?  When you register on TownSq, simply include your street address, email and phone, and move the toggle switch to green so your information is visible to your neighbors (see graphic below).  Why?  Your neighbors need a way to reach you in an emergency, or maybe they’d like to invite you over for a cookout.  Full-time residents often spot something about our part-time neighbors’ homes (such as forgotten packages, broken windows, fallen trees, or other damage) and would like a way to contact you about it.  So don’t just register on TownSquare.  Please also include your contact info and toggle the radials to allow your information to be shared … and include a photo of yourself too!  Note: The only people who can see your contact info are fellow Salt Pond homeowners.